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Semi Husked and Fully Husked Coconuts

We supply Semi Husked and Fully Husked Coconuts and these natural Husked Coconuts are available in different size (Grams). We are well known for the supply of Semi Husked and Fully Husked Coconuts due to various aspects, say, taste and nutrients content.

Tender Coconuts

The natural Tender Coconut supplied by us is acquired directly from the Coconut groves. Well known for it’s richness in taste, they are perfectly healthy to use and eat. Our Coconuts are usually grown with the methodology of organic farming. Moreover, you can avail them at affordable rates.

Coconut Copra

Coconut Copra is derived from mature Coconuts. The Coconuts are dried and the dehydrated fruit is removed from the shell. This Copra has a long shelf life and finds application in the food industry, confectionary trade and the oil extract industry. These Coconuts are also used for extracting Coconut oil of high graded quality.

Coconut Husk

We are the best provider of Coconut Husk used in various applications. These exterior husks of coconuts are finely processed and supplied to various industries to design floor mats, brushes, mattresses and many more products. These useful husks are highly durable and are also used for enriching soil. We assure best quality which are provided within the stipulated time frame.